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old git
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Re: Coleshill Updates

Post by old git » 26 Dec 2019, 20:30

At least this was the last greengrocers tablecloth this season ... why can't these clubs have their own league, and then they can watch balls bounce higher than jumbo jets every week :o

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Re: Coleshill Updates

Post by piearce9 » 26 Dec 2019, 20:40

Great Yeltz turnout today. This club needs to move up a level and carry this momentum and great support along the way.

It looks like a head to head in the league with Corby and, I’ve said this before, it’ll be the team with the most consistency that wins the league.

Today was always going to be tricky but thought we looked comfy in the first half. Second half we struggled to hold the ball and our game management wasn’t the best. Finishing was poor as well, and cost us three points.

Still- not a crisis although we need to find our stride again. I expect a few changes for the game on NY Day.

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Re: Coleshill Updates

Post by fairweatherfan » 27 Dec 2019, 23:21

Genuinely at a bit of a loss as to what poor Luke Yates needs to do to get more playing time. Thought he immediately looked a threat when he came on, and the truer surface would have suited his greater technical skill rather than Cobourne who adds pace but puts me rather in mind of a (much) less effective Jermaine Defoe (and I never much rated him anyway!).

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