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Post by andy » 01 Aug 2020, 16:52

Rocester 0-7 Halesowen
(Westwood 3)
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Re: Rocester

Post by dalevillain » 01 Aug 2020, 18:35

Satisfying win and scoreline. To beat anyone 7-0 at any level is fantastic and especially coming after almost 5 months off is even more impressive.

Shame the live stream didn’t work as planned which was a bit of a disappointment but fair play to Dan at Yeltz TV for giving it a try.

From the bits I could see it looks like we’ve never been away and in Gregory and Westwood looks like we have improved the front line so expect goals, goals goals as remember we apparently didn’t score any in the league last season 😉

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Re: Rocester

Post by DanHTFC » 01 Aug 2020, 22:11

I echo what Dale said, shame about the stream but props to Dan for trying! Great result though!

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