Stourbr*dge 'fans'

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Re: Stourbr*dge 'fans'

Post by piearce9 » 01 Nov 2017, 14:07

Stour have posted a club statement this afternoon that advises they've banned certain supporters following the derby incidents. Whilst it's taken a little while, it's the right response in the circumstances. ... 56980.html

I mentioned previously that I very much hope our own committee are looking at the arrangements for the home leg and that we "beef" up on the usual safety measures. The fixture seems to be attracting increasing amounts of ASBO-chasing n*bheads, so would hope we have ways of containing these morons and properly dealing with any misbehaviour.

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Re: Stourbr*dge 'fans'

Post by andy » 01 Nov 2017, 15:00

Well done Stour. Good to see they have taken the matter seriously. It was on the verge of escalating otherwise. Hopefully they will put stewards where they are needed also in future, right in with the 'fans'. It's a shame Stour seem to have attracted people like this as the vast majority are good folk, always have been, but when we roll into town they always seem to attract this mindless minority. The time would have come when they tried it with the wrong opposition and then they might have regretted it. ;)

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